Trouble Settling a Loved One’s Estate?

Flint, MI’s Michael E. Thomas and Associates can help

Losing a close friend or family member is already devastating enough without having to deal with the stress of battling over their belongings. If you find yourself stuck in the middle of a dispute over an estate, immediately reach out to Michael E. Thomas and Associates. Our attorneys can help you settle your probate matter and ensure the wishes of the deceased are carried out accordingly. During the probate settlement process, our team will examine any estate planning documents left behind and make sure the assets of the estate are distributed to the proper beneficiaries.

From inventorying the deceased’s assets to paying the burial costs, you can count on our legal team to advise you on all probate issues you come across. Contact Michael E. Thomas and Associates to get started.

Hire a Flint, Michigan probate attorney

Michael E. Thomas and Associates has extensive experience handling probate matters and can guide you through the probate process. Our attorneys can tackle all kinds of probate issues and can prepare petitions to:

Probate wills
Appoint an administrator
Annex letters of administration
Provide a year’s support for the surviving spouse or minor child
Appoint a substitute executor

We can do all of the above and more. Learn more about the probate process by reaching out to Michael E. Thomas and Associates today.