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Any legal situation can be stressful, and we want to guide you through the process. Attorney Michael E. Thomas & Associates in Flint, MI, will give personal attention to your legal matter, ensuring your case will be handled thoroughly and efficiently.

The primary focus of our firm centers on Estate Planning, Medicaid Planning, and Elder Law Care. This includes legal cases regarding elder abuse, Medicaid, and pre-Medicaid planning, probate, wills, trusts, veteran benefits and distribution of assets. Be assured that you will be treated with the courtesy and respect you deserve.

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Why Hire Us?

What makes us different from other law firms?

Before we prepare any documents, we spend time getting to know you, your concerns and your goals. During the first 30 minutes or so of an interview, a staff member spends time asking detailed questions about the family, the relationships with children, in-laws, grandchildren, or others. We ask about how the various family members handle money. We ask about the strength of the marriages. We ask about drug problems, disabilities, and sibling rivalries. These are issues that must be addressed if we are going to really help our clients. We must know about the family before we can address assets.

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Did You Know?

  • That 80% of inheritances are spent within 18 months of receipt?
  • That the U.S. population of people over age 65 is expected to double in size in 25 years?
  • 50% of individuals over age 65 will spend 6 months or more in a long-term care facility?
  • The Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 drastically changed the Medicaid rules? Now church tithes and Christmas gifts you made could render you ineligible for Medicaid assistance for years.  Planning is more important than ever.


Attorney Michael Thomas offers free seminars which are a great way to educate yourself on current and changing laws in the areas of Medicaid planning and estate planning. Schedule one today for your organization or group.

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A video for Michigan residents to better understand Elder Law and how it relates to Medicaid and nursing homes.

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My experience with Michael Thomas was very informative and uplifting. He answered all my questions to my satisfaction. I will not hesitate to recommend him to others. God Bless you!!


Janis E

I had a great lawyer in Mike. When my father passed away, he was so helpful with everything. He is now my lawyer and I have recommended him to other people and I will continue to. He helped me tremendously. Thanks Mike God Bless.

Pat C

Attorney Michael Thomas and his staff are prompt and caring. They helped my family navigate the Medicaid waters, which seems big and scary. They took control from the beginning and their persistence and thoroughness was a life saver.


Amy M

When we came to see Michael Thomas and his staff we were in a panic. Dad (my father in law) was in a nursing home and the cost was about $7000/month. We have little cash, but own many acres of farmland. It is a centennial farm.
We were comforted from the first meeting. Mike prayed with us. He then assured us he would keep the farm property and get my father in law on Medicaid. Sarah was an absolute gem.

It is over a year later and the office staff has done our annual review for us. Mike has a new idea to protect the farm if mom goes into a nursing home. We are grateful for everything this office has done. They saved our family farm.

Connie N

We have used Attorney Thomas before on our mothers matters, now we are using for our fathers wishes…Attorney Thomas and is staff are very caring and helpful of things we need to do for our parents. Would highly recommend this Law firm to answer your questions and make you understand the laws of Michigan on estates…This Law firm will help you save thousands of dollars, well worth every penny we have spent. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS FIRM

Jan G

After 4 years of struggling (my husband’s health required full time nursing), I was connected with attorney Michael Thomas of Flint Township in Gateway Center. This introduction was a blessing that changed the course of our journey. He is the attorney worked through legalities to get my husband proper medical care. I will never be able to express the level of gratitude I have for his work ethic and dedication. He took the time to really listen to details about the situation we were faced with and guide us to solutions.

Mike Thomas’ combination of understanding law and policy along with a Christian approach gave insight on a personal level. Let’s be honest, when a family is faced with this type of situation, it is personal. Mike’s team was like a beacon of light, providing console and guidance promptly. Because of his action I am able to provide a healthy life for my entire family.

I believe life is filled with tons of twists and turns. Being prepared is key. With expertise from Mike Thomas our family was able to gain stability.

Elizabeth M

My father and I are extremely pleased with handling of my dads estate. Mr. Thomas And Associates explained all legal questions we had. He effectively dealt with all our legally matters.

Terry R

My husband and I met with Michael Thomas to discuss estate planning. We felt that Mr. Thomas took the time to get to know us and our family quite well prior to making suggestions as to the type of will, trust etc. that we should have. I have every confidence that our estate and heirs will be taken care of according to our wishes. He even paid US! because our meeting with him started ten minutes late. I would and will recommend him to my family and friends. Thank you Michael!

Kathleen Z

We had a difficult time when our mom passed away and Michael and his team walked us through all the necessary legal steps and paperwork. I would highly recommend Michael and his team!


We had 2 appointments with Michael Thomas. The second one started a little late (25 mins.) but so do my doctors appointments. Like my Dr. who is the very best, and takes care and time with his patients and will with me also,for the best sometimes you have to wait. That’s how it was with Mike, a little wait but when it came time to take care of our needs we had with him he took care of them in a very professional manner. I’m sure that without his help it could have taken us at least 9 months. We were straightened out in 2 DAYS. Great lawyer, thanks Mike.

Eric H

I have used Mike Thomas for all of my client’s legal needs for over 20 years and I can definitely say that his work is always excellent! Mike strives to provide the best, most honest legal experience that a person can have. He is patient with my clients, explains things in a way that they can understand and works closely with my staff to create plans that are exactly what the client needs and wants. I would dare say that it is very difficult to find all of those qualities in an attorney today. We are very blessed.

Katrina Savage Alliance Financial Group Flint, MI

We have always been very satisfied with our sessions at Michael E. Thomas and Associates. We are planning to return soon to update our future wishes.

James E

I have worked with Mike and his staff for many years. He truly cares about his clients and has a wealth of knowledge. He is able to help them in ways other attorneys cannot. I whole heartily recommend Mike and his team. He has proven to be top in his field.

Joe V